Hello Readers,

This is the post excerpt.

For me Writing is like an ointment. Not everytime can you be happy with everything in Life and again,  Not everytime can you be Expressive about it to others . Writing is just like Flow of the Emotions so it dont remain unexpressed and Killing. Let it flow and stay Relaxed.

New Ideas and Suggestions are most welcomed 😊





Millions of people in this wide world, tiny portion be the part of your little nutshell.

Some flow like water while some stay stilled stone, others screech the marks while few heal the scars.

Eye candies and soul food treated vice-versa making the confusion more worst. Sometimes I wonder, is humanhood a blessing or curse?

Although with all the traits-traumas and new in’s and out’s, the life makes its way anyhow.!



Things were good till she sat quiet,

The tables turned round when she stood for her rights;

The “Blues” as the assets while “Pinks” as the liabilities,

Both placed on the same page, still discriminated by importance and utilities.

Even though the asset declared to be non-performing and the liability as capital,

The society still finds such shit thinking as logically rational.

When no one stands for you, it is “you” who have to stand for yourself. Raising your voice becomes important for saving yourself from dead living. Hard life is better then no life. 


Mind is just another smart Game

Screenshot_2018-03-20-12-15-37-1The shiny mornings rushed, the noons were hectic and even the evenings turned grey to black quiet quick. The thought was to get home, have good meals and vanish to the dreams faster. And finally the moment came where it seemed possible to get transferred to self-rest mode.

It had been two hours since the tired eyes and exhausted body were struggling to sleep . This time slot was stolen by the mind which roamed all the directions along with angles and adjacents collecting all the varieties of thoughts. Distractions were attempted by getting indulge to various activities, but it felt like mind was on some irrevocable mission. One side it was defeating someone in the arguement and on the other it had concern over the social issues. One side it was making plans to achieve more, and on the other it was counting over the past decisions which went wrong. I felt weak,almost into tears. “Please Keep Your Mind Shut” me screaming over me.

I stood up and started walking. I was confused, upset, worried. I wasn’t able to find the reason behind the thoughts. I had almost made myself workoholic. I love my work. I love my profession. There was no chance of breakdown. This made me more aggressive over the reason behind the sleeplessness.

I went to open area, sat there and started meditating. In a while, this made me realise that I was predicting future consequences by making the past events as the base. Eventually two lines crossed my mind:                                       1- Your past cannot be the  total base for your future.                                            2- Any action requires your reaction to get consideration as “action”.

I felt relaxed. This gave me the satisfaction of being on the right track. Morale ;

Any process starts with the mind and is also be ended by the mind. All depands on the way you think.

The Identity

Screenshot_2017-12-18-00-04-16-1By birth she was someone’s daughter. Years later she became someone’s wife.
She was very happy being the princess of one palace and then the another’s Queen. But amongst all the brightness of colourful lamps somewhere in the corner there sat covered dim light, it was the regret of not carrying an Independent Identity.
The regret that ate her up from within. The regret that always made her question on the motto of life. The regret that forced her to believe of being incapable. The pain that stayed unseen and unsaid. The regret that stayed forever.




Just Beauty is not enough, it requires the scars to get the beautiful side recognised;

Just Intelligence is not enough, it requires some nuisance to get the intelligence appreciated;

Just Honest is not enough, it requires some biases to get the honesty respected;

Just Lights are not enough, it requires some darkness to be thankful for brights; 

Just Money is not enough, it requires some famine to value the assets; 

Just Freedom is not enough, it requires the boundaries to utilise the freedom rightly; 

Just Straightforward is not enough, even that requires some twists to manage different souls smartly. 

“Just of anything is not enough.” 

Any bliss without a count cannot give the happiness and such bliss is no bliss. Excess of anything reduces its importance so one of my favourite line goes here , 

“Pain is to be felt.”  (Fault in Our Stars)


Thankyou for spoiling me but also making me disciplined girl at the same time .

 Thankyou for teaching me to respect others and also to carry the self-respect along.

 Thankyou for fulfilling all my wishes but also making me learn to serve myself.

 Thankyou for always protecting me but also teaching me how to protect myself. 

Thankyou for having utmost trust in me even when I went wrong. 

Thankyou for making me believe in myself.

 Thankyou for everthing. I am what I am because of you Papa (Dad).

May be I dont know the level of sacrifice you made for me. May be everything just  looks so smooth because you never let me know anything about it. But all I know is you stand to the most superior position in my life.  

Happy Birthday Papa 🎂